Snubbing Unit 9 is latest addition to Deep Well Services’ long list of state-of-the-art equipment

Pittsburgh oilfield service company’s unit has 285K pound lift force

ZELIENOPLE, Pa. – Deep Well Services (DWS) has expanded its cutting-edge equipment and technology with the addition of Snubbing Unit 9, which has 285K lift-force and 142K snub force capability.

The Pittsburgh-based oilfield service company announced its Snubbing Unit 9 will be available for service on April 30. The unit has been refurbished by image1 (004)Consolidated Rig Works, L.P., of Fort Worth, Texas.

“Deep Well Services is committed to utilizing state-of-the-art technology and top-tier talent to build and maintain its position as a leader in the snubbing industry,” said John Sabo, Chief Operating Officer at DWS. “Snubbing Unit 9 is another example of this commitment.”

The 285K, 4-Post unit features a 4-slip system, with two traveling and two stationary slips. The integrated hydraulic gallery produces rotation without removal of slip hoses, and the three-motor package has a maximum torque output of 10,000 foot-pounds and 120 RPM.

Additionally, the unit has an integral gin pole for single-pick rig ups with a high-pressure, ram-to-ram system built in. Pressures, torque and weights may be viewed in real time from anywhere onsite as well as remotely from customers’ head offices.

“This is another evolution in Deep Well’s fleet,” Sabo said. “Our investment in innovative and efficient equipment as well as our goal of hiring and training quality employees has made DWS a leader in the industry. The addition of Snubbing Unit 9 is another piece in the puzzle as DWS strives to fabricate and facilitate the completion of Marcellus and Utica wells as the only snubbing company headquartered in Pennsylvania.”

Snubbing Unit 9 is only the latest example of Deep Well Services’ ongoing investment in equipment and technology.

In June 2015, Deep Well Services added a 15K, 250 jack snubbing unit. DWS’ 10K, 285 standalone snubbing unit and 112-foot, 265,000-pull service rig were added in February 2015.

Last year, DWS also invested in a snubbing unit simulator to improve preparedness, safety and education regarding the benefits of snubbing. The simulator has enabled DWS to effectively train workers and also has been used to introduce the public to snubbing.


For more information, contact John Sabo, Chief Operating Officer, Deep Well Services, at or 724.473.0687, ext. 108.

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