Deep Well Services’ new rig features state-of-the art Tier 4 engine

Environmentally friendly equipment cuts energy costs, maintains efficiency

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Deep Well Services (DWS) recently added a service rig with a Tier 4 engine to the Pittsburgh-based based oilfield snubbing and workover service company fleet.IMG_0892

“DWS has been an industry leader in terms of our utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and a highly-trained workforce,” said Deep Well Services President Mark Marmo. “By incorporating a Tier 4 emissions engine into our fleet, we continue to build on our principles and maintain a high standard.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established Tier 4 federal air emissions standards that apply to new diesel engines used in off-road equipment. The standards require manufacturers to reduce the levels of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to a level that is 50 to 96 percent lower than previous diesel engines.

“There is no better example of innovation and achievement in clean, fuel-efficient technology than what is now available from diesel engine and equipment makers,” said Dennis Hawley, supervisor of the new rig for DWS. “Not only is the new generation of clean diesel technology 90 percent lower in emissions of PM and NOx compared to 1996 engines, but it also provides the customer with advantages in the form of greater productivity and better fuel efficiency.”

The current generation of industry leaders has had an unprecedented focus on the safe and economical production of oil and gas products. The goal of keeping energy costs down while protecting the environment with no compromise to performance or reliability is critical for the oil and gas industry.

Statistics cited by the EPA state that controlling emissions through the year 2030 would annually prevent 12,000 premature deaths, 8,900 hospitalizations, and 1 million workdays lost.

“Continued reduction and enforcement measures only make sense,” DWS’ Hawley said. “Basically, the results have shown that Tier 4 engines have better fuel efficiency and emissions. By improving fuel efficiency, the industry also cuts down on service life and regular maintenance needs. Subsequently, there will be less fuel and oil burned throughout the life of the engine and less overhead costs making their way down to customers.”

The addition of a rig with a Tier 4 engine is the latest example of DWS’ innovative approach.

Deep Well Services has utilized cutting edge technology and top tier talent to build and maintain its position as a leader in the snubbing, completion, and well service industry. The company owns and operates one of the newest fleets in the region, on average 2 years old. All equipment is designed and maintained in compliance with API standards.

DWS’ ability to successfully complete both high-pressure and traditional well service operations with the same level of safety and efficiency gives DWS an edge over the competition.

IMG_0897DWS has a proven track record of safely and successfully performing a wide range of live-well, conventional and unconventional operations for many of the E&P operators working throughout the region.

The addition of Rig Smart Technology in 2016, a system which further increases efficiency and safety through visual and audio communication, is an example of DWS commitment of optimizing performance through innovation.

In 2015, Deep Well Services completed 146 Utica Wells, including 33 high-pressure standalone drillouts; 64 rig assist drillouts; 11 hybrid tool drillouts; 3 fishing operations; 23 production installs; 5 gas/artificial lift installs; and 7 other types of projects.

“Deep Well Services will continue to build on our record of efficiency and safety in 2016,” Marmo said. “The introduction of a rig with a Tier 4 engine is another important step.”


For more information, contact Aaron Berarducci, General Manager, at or 724.473.0687.


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