DWS part of Eclipse Resources’ third straight record-breaking drill

Deep Well Services once again plays a role in record-breaking Utica well

DWS part of Eclipse Resources’ third straight record-breaking drill

ZELIENOPLE, Pa. – Deep Well Services (DWS) recently had a significant role in the completion of the 27,739-foot deep, record-breaking Outlaw C11H liquid rich natural gas well, which included an amazing 19,588-foot lateral drilled in the Utica Shale.

Eclipse Resources drilled the well in June 2017, topping the previous record lateral length of 19,300 feet set in May with the Great Scott 3H, another project by the State College-based Eclipse.

In May 2016, Eclipse Resources previously set the record lateral length of 18,544 feet with the Purple Hayes well in Guernsey, Ohio. DWS partnered with Eclipse in each of the record-breaking projects – Outlaw C11H, Great Scott 3H and Purple Hayes.

“The entire DWS team is extremely proud to have played an important role in completing this very special industry accomplishment involving the Outlaw C11H well,” said Mark Marmo, President and CEO of Deep Well Services. “This is yet another record-breaking example of how our partnership with Eclipse Resources is such a valuable asset.”

DWS provided insight, planning and manpower in the drill out and tubing installation part of completion of Outlaw C11H and Great Scott 3H, which both were drilled on the same pad in Guernsey County, Ohio. Deep Well Services utilized its torque and drag modeling program to accurately depict any potential issues the team might encounter while operating in a well bore with such a long lateral.

The results of the modeling simulation provided a critical piece in the pre-job planning that enabled DWS to more efficiently complete the well. Deep Well Services accomplished the 122-stage drill out using only one bit and in four fewer days than the Purple Hayes project in 2016, even though the Outlaw C11H had such a longer lateral length.

“We are appreciative of our partnership with Eclipse Resources,” said Matt Tourigny, Technical Sales Manager of Deep Well Services. “We enjoy the pre job planning with their top-tier team of industry-leading engineers who were instrumental in our successful completion of these record breaking super lateral wells.”

The 19,588-foot lateral length of Outlaw C11 continued an impressive trend in Eclipse projects. The 19,300-foot Great Scott 3H record lasted only a few weeks. Purple Hayes held the standard for approximately a year prior to Great Scott 3H.

For more information, contact Matt Tourigny, Technical Sales, Deep Well Services, at mtourigny@deepwellservices.com or 724-473-0687.

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