Deep Well Services’ Snubbing Unit 11 is the latest innovation for the Pittsburgh-based oilfield service company

Deep Well Services’ Snubbing Unit 11 is the latest innovation for the Pittsburgh-based oilfield service company

 300K rig produces deeper, longer laterals under higher pressure

 ZELIENOPLE, Pa. – Deep Well Services (DWS) unveiled its state-of-the-art Snub 11 unit on December 2, bringing another innovation to the Marcellus and Utica basin.

The Pittsburgh-based oilfield service company designed Snub 11, a 300K rig that features higher pressure applications and reaches deeper, longer laterals.

“We designed this fifth-generation unit with the future in mind,” said Dustin Loiselle, Deep Well Services Fleet Manager. “We see where the market is going – deeper, higher pressure and more staging and we built this unit to address these factors.  This rig was designed by the whole team, with everyone providing input and expertise,” Loiselle continued. “This rig had everyone involved from roughnecks, field supervisors and maintenance managers. We all put our thoughts down and found the common denominators and needs. We incorporated the strict standards of some of our major customers with user-friendly machinery.”

John Sabo, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at DWS, said Snub 11 is a single-pick unit with a fully guided stroke, additional guide ram, slip interlock and Rig Smart safety technology.  It was specifically designed with the ability to perform at an advanced level, resulting in deeper and longer laterals produced under higher pressure.

“This is the biggest advancement yet,” said Sabo, who noted DWS’ first generation of snubbing units began in 2014. “These improvements are the result of the commitment of senior leadership and field staff as well as technological innovation. We have developed a safer and more efficient product that will bring tremendous value to our customers. It will increase their revenue and decrease their costs while improving cost utilization capital.  The unit’s design and enhancements tie into the DWS culture of excellence which includes top-tier talent and leading technology,” Sabo added.

Snub 11 is only the latest technological revolution produced by the DWS team.

  • DWS introduced two 285K units in April (Snub 9) and July (Snub 10) 2016, with 10k and 15k capabilities respectively.
  • In February 2015, DWS’ added another 10K, 285 standalone snubbing unit and 112-foot, 250,000-pull service rig to the fleet.

Deep Well Services used work experiences from these earlier generation units to create efficiency and performance improvements that resulted in Snub 11.  “We want a rig that can handle any job thrown at it,” Loiselle said. “This rig takes us one step ahead of all our competitors.”

For more information, contact Matt Tourigny, Director of Marketing, Deep Well Services, at or 724-473-0687.

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