About Us

Deep Well Services is a locally owned oilfield service company furnishing Service Rigs along with Rig Assist and Standalone Snubbing Units to the Appalachia region. All of our equipment was fabricated to help facilitate the completion of Marcellus and Utica wells.

We at Deep Well Services value safety above all else. Every meeting that our management and field personnel attend is prefaced with a review of safety. We believe that a safe work environment enables our company to hire and retain qualified and dedicated people. We have instituted a Safety Committee that meets once a month to discuss issues directly related to our work environment. With field personnel and management represented in these meeting we will grow our safety culture and expand our safety horizons.

Deep Well Services has the unique opportunity to grow its business in the largest natural gas basin in the United States. We began by bringing in the most experienced Snubbing hands in the industry and combining them with seasoned Service Rig personnel to give the company a well-rounded and efficient workforce second to none. Our depth of experience not only in the Appalachia region, but around the world brings to the table an unparalleled group of specialized oilfield workers that can move your project forward no matter the obstacles they face.

The service industry has, by nature, faced many ups and downs and the combination of hard work and determination has made our industry one of the most unique and satisfying work environments in this country. We as oilfield workers do the hard, dirty and sometimes dangerous job of supplying this country with domestic energy, energy that is right here and jobs that are right here. We at Deep Well Services take an enormous amount of pride in fulfilling our country’s need for energy and supporting our communities while we do so.